Broad Cylindrical Grinding Capabilities

shaft grinding

“The quality we received from them has been second to none and we know they will grind the job right.” – CPG Customer

centerless grinding

The skilled craftsmen at Custom Production Grinding operate a versatile array of equipment to produce a wide range of part sizes and shapes for manufacturers throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Because of our variety of equipment and our team’s skills, we can grind multiple profiles on a cylindrical part.

We can meet tolerances to 0.0002 inch diameter, lengths to 0.0004 inches, and finishes to a smoothness of 8 Ra. All the instruments, gages and inspection equipment we use to verify that we meet part specifications are regularly certified for accurate performance.

Our services include:

See a listing of the equipment we use for the above grinding.

We are able to make special tooling in order to grind difficult parts such as crankshafts and other eccentric parts.

We provide prototype runs as well as high production runs.

All our work is done in a climate-controlled 33,000-square-foot facility that also has two quality control inspection rooms that each have their own HVAC systems.

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We're Known for Reliable On-Time Deliveries

quick delivery

We know that your production lines can’t be slowed down or paused because finished parts aren’t available. That’s why we’re deeply committed to on-time delivery – and consistently meet customer timelines.

Our facilities, staffing, grinding equipment and processes foster highly efficient through-put of your parts so you don’t have to wonder whether we’ll deliver on time – we will.

We don’t cut corners to meet deadlines. Our quality control is second to none on all the jobs we handle.

“I had a lot of pressure on getting these completed … you guys always come through for me!” – CPG Customer — Read More Testimonials

Our grinding capabilities

CNC OD Grinding

We can profile-dress the grinding wheel to grind multiple diameters at one time, as well as to profile-dress the wheel to grind spheres and angles.

We have the capability to grind diameters up to 10″ by 40″ long between centers.

Currently we have 12 Mitsubishi CNC grinders, both straight and angle heads. We pride ourselves in being able to hold the tight tolerances that most of our competitors cannot.

Centerless Thru-Feed/In-Feed Grinding

We have the capability to centerless thru-feed as well as centerless in-feed grind. Diameters can range from 0.100” to 4” and can be various lengths, but also depend upon weight to determine if they meet our capability.

Centerless grinding gives you the ability to grind parts without the need to use centers, a fixture, or a chuck to work hold the parts. This allows you to grind a larger quantity of parts in a more efficient and economical way.

ID Grinding and ID Honing

Our ID grinding capabilities go up to 12″ diameter by 8″ long. We are able to hold tolerances as tight as 0.0002″ and get down to an 8 Ra finish. We have two machines in production use for ID grinding.

Our honing capabilities range from as small as 0.087″ diameter up to 3.375″ diameter. We can hold tolerances of 0.0002″ and can get down to an 8 Ra finish on our machines. We have five Sunnen EC-3500 automatic honing centers and five Sunnen 1800 & 1804 automatic sizing power strokers.

Semi-Auto and Universal OD Grinding

We have the capability for semi-automatic OD grinding. We have 6 machines in production use. Our machines are able to grind up to 14″ diameters by 96″ long.

Blanchard and Double Disk Surface Grinding

We also do flat grinding. We have the capability to blanchard grind, double disk grind, as well as surface grind. We have a 30″ table on our blanchard grinder for larger plates. Our double disk grinder is great for high production runs on parts such as washers and other similar parts. We also have a 16″x32″ surface grinder for smaller parts, smaller prototype runs or smaller orders.

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