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Tight Tolerance Grinding That Meets Critical Inspection Demands

quality inspection

Whether you need a small, custom job or large lot sizes, Custom Production Grinding has the skills and capacity needed to provide tight tolerance grinding to 0.0002 inch with consistent, proven accuracy.

Our trained quality control professionals have exceptional expertise in ensuring the parts we grind always meet our customers’ exacting standards.

At Custom Production Grinding, quality control runs through the entire process — from set-up to job completion. During grinding, parts are subject to continuous monitoring for accuracy.

Our climate-controlled shop also helps ensure that the parts we grind meet exacting specifications. Rigorous control of the climate ensures that parts won’t expand or contract due to temperature fluctuations. Our two quality control centers each have their own HVAC systems to further regulate climate in those rooms.

Our operations are ISO-certified.

“I have been using CPG for more than 20 years for my grinding needs. I have always been very satisfied with their professionalism, quality, and attention to detail.” – CPG Customer – Read More Testimonials

Quality Control Equipment

Dorsey 8700 Video Inspection System
With 1 micron resolution precision glass scales

Z-Mike Lasers Micrometers (2)
Range up to 2 inch diameter, accurate to 5 place decimal

Taylor Hobson Talyrond 30
Measures roundness, concentricity, flatness and squareness with computer printouts

Deltronic DH-216 MPC-5 Optical Comparator
350 mm diameter screen x 10, 20 and 50 power lenses

Hommel, Taylor Hobson and Mitutoyo Profilometers
Measures surface finish in 7 different parameters, English or metric

Mitutoyo 81 pc. Ceramic Gage Block Sets (5)
Range from 0.050 to 4.000 inch length

XXX Gage Pins
Range from 0.011 to 1.000 inch diameter, 0.001 inch graduation

Mahr Federal and Mitutoyo O.D. Micrometers and Snap Gages
Range 0 to 12 inch, 0.0001 inch graduation

Dial Bore Gages
Range from 0.054 to 6.500 inch diameter

Granite Inspection Tables (18)
Sizes range from 6″ x 6″ to 36″ x 60″

Edmunds Trend-Setter ID/OD digital gaging, column, electronic or air

Sunnen Gage Setting Fixtures (3)

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